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A few years ago a loved one who was a veteran of our armed forces died. There was a full military burial. After a couple of days we went to put the flag that had been presented to us in a case; we were horrified to discover the tag saying made in China!!!! After a long painful campaign with the Veterans Association, the governor, and help from press... we received a flag made in America, the country he fought for.

Recently I wanted a flag for my yard, I was nervous fearing I would find: Made in China again. Much to my delight the 1st flags that I found were from you!! And Made in USA!!! I just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! ”
Laura B., Oregon

I just thought that I would drop you a note saying that I just bought one of your flags today & that I am pleased that it was made here in the U.S. You can count on me to continue to buy from your company for my future purchases. (I fly 3 flags 24 hours a day on my property).
Regards, ”
Jeff S., Louisiana

I was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on June 27, 1925 and a WW II veteran of the New Jersey State Guard and the United States Navy.

I am well acquainted with Annin Flags. I hold your company in high esteem. I carried your products as a boy scout, member of Paul Revere’s Boys Club in Jersey City, N.J., aboard the U.S.S. Dynamic (AM91) Fleet Minesweeper and during my twenty years as a member of the Active Army Reserves (78TH Infantry Division-Lightning Division), as well as Company B 1st Special Forces. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you! Thank you. Stay Well. Blessings to all of you and your families. ”
Carmine P., Maine

Hi:  I just wanted to let you know that I was given an Annin American Flag and am proudly displaying it for the Memorial Day weekend. It is a very nice quality flag. Your workmanship, and the label that had ’Made in the United States’ was very important to me. I am very proud to have your flag representing the respect that I have for the service members who have given so much to keep this country free. I hope you had a nice holiday. ”
Judy S., Connecticut

Recently I purchased one of your flags. I bought it because it was made in the USA. If it had been made in China, it would still be in the store. It is not often that a consumer has the opportunity to buy US made products. Thank you for making the flags here and keeping the jobs here. ”
Jerry C., Ohio

Thanks ever so much for STILL making the American flag in the USA! It is so hard to find a US flag made in America and especially one which is stitched across the end. I fly my flags for every patriotic holiday. Just bought four more and I am so very happy to add them to my collection which I use often as I surround my front flower bed with our flag! Our two year-old grandson, Patrick, who will be here for the 4th, loves to help me put out the flags. ”
Antonia B., Texas

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful quality product your company and employees make. I purchased my second 3 x 5 flag with embroidered stars and individually sewn strips. I am proud to have your flag hanging in the front of my house. The first one lasted many years being displayed outdoors most of the time. Thank you again. ”
Michele, Indiana

Thank you for making it possible for Americans to buy American flags made in America! We just purchased your two-flag package and did so primarily because the product is “Proudly Made in the USA”. ”
Lynette & Al C., California

I wanted to let everyone at Annin know that I am very pleased with your products. We have bought U.S. flags in the past and they are second to none. We now have an Annin flagpole and it works as promised. No more wound up flags! I have tried several other brands over the years and none worked like yours. The best part is that it’s made in the U.S. which really makes it special. Thank You. ”
Bob V., Michigan

My soldiers and I purchased 44 of your flags here in Iraq via the AAFES location. It’s not easy to locate that many, as quantities are limited in the exchanges. They were flown today in honor of family, friends, a C&W artist and a fallen soldiers’ widow. My soldiers and I personally flew all of them at half mast on Memorial Day at the US Embassy in Iraq. That many flags were a mission in itself, but with the aid of a contact at the Embassy we pulled it off. I don’t know how many military and civilians stopped and took photos, but it was impressive. We rehearsed our procedure and how to properly render courtesies and folding the flags. Each was folded on the spot before we proceeded with the next flag. This Memorial Day is one I’ll never forget. ”
SSG Doug M., Armed Forces

This is just a note of appreciation. I wanted to let someone know how proud and honored I was when your flag was raised today under the American flag that my late father-in-law always flew.

You see, we have kept the flag flying ever since. The flag I ordered was the Marine flag. My wife and I have two sons in the Marines, and we are extremely proud of them. The Marine flag has been flying since our first son joined. This is the third one to go up the flagpole that our sons’ grandfather erected. I wanted you to know a little bit of what it means to us here at home with our sons away at war. It helps to keep our spirits up and to honor all those in service.

I understand the mind-set that you may use...in that you are just running a business. I ask you to please think about what that business can mean to a lot of people.

Again, thank you for your service. The flag is of good quality, and the order process was easy and timely. One more thing, when raising your Marine flag, I noticed the Annin name on our American flag. Then I realized that we had been using your flags for years! ”
David H. - Father of Two Marines, South Carolina

I purchased one of your 3x5 flag sets for residential display and was impressed by the quality. I buy a new flag about once a year and this is by far the best I have seen in several years. In reviewing your website I enjoyed reading about the flag and the company history. As an old veteran, I salute you and thank you. ”
James M., Alabama

Just a note to let you know how well made your flags are. How happy I am to be able to receive a product made in the good ’ole USA. I fly two flags at a time and here in south Florida we get a lot of wind, so sometimes the flags are really flying. ”
Rose Marie S., Florida

You’ll never know how pleased I was when I read on the package my flag was made in the good '’le U.S.A. Sincere wishes for many more years of making a great American product!" ”
Cal A.

Oh by the way I purchased the Bulldog. I love it... ”
Charlie, California

Today I visited Lowe’s and Home Depot in search of a U.S. flag kit to attach to my home. To my dismay everything at Home Depot was made in China; my stomach turned and I headed for Lowe’s. I went through the kits they had-- China, China, China. At this point I was boiling, but then I came across your kit. Oh my God, Made in the USA!!!!! Sure some of the others were more ornate but I will always support companies like yours in favor of the sell-outs to places like China. I hope the flag holds up and I hope your company does too! Feel free to pass this on to those you supply.
God Bless, ”
Warren D., Conifer, CO.

Hi, I’m a husband, a father, a patriot, and a citizen. And yes in that order. I fly my flag proud at my home, every day, all day and night in Las Vegas to support the troops. Like your flags, they meet weather and challenges day in and day out. And yet, they just keep doing what they do best, support our way of living. I'm on my 8th flag. Each one has lasted 9 months to a year in the harsh environment. I fly 3x5 100% nylon. I also have a son in the Air Force - he plans on doing 20+ years in the air force. You have a great product, and I have many more to fly. ”
Karl K., Nevada

I live on the east coast of Florida and have had to replace untold numbers of the US FLAG which flies in my yard, due in part to poor workmanship (China) and other places in the US and abroad. The flag I purchased made by your company is outstanding- WORKMANSHIP IS GREAT! I know about the sewing trade, having retired from Burlington Industries. I cannot express how pleased I am with the product, Made in America. Many Thanks for a great product! ”
Joe T., Florida

Just want to write a few lines to say Thank You for keeping production domestic. I see no reason why any U.S. flag should be imported from overseas. Thank you for keeping them made right here in the USA!!! ”
Kevin, Colorado

We are so happy to be able to buy flags made in America. We keep flags on the graves of family members who have served our country. We also appreciate what you are doing with Wreaths Across America. Please continue! ”
Jim and Sue W., Virginia